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I love video arcades

Only been to a few and I keep ending up in cities where they aren't allowed. Key West was pretty great though, I got one of the best BJ's of my life there while watching some porn in a booth. Guys were jerking off around and someone slipped their hard dick through the gloryhole and shot a huge load. 


  • I have sucked many a cock in Key West book store.


  • Where are there gloryhole I never been to one

  • Same I can't find one anywhere

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    My favorite favorite FAVORITE one is up in Toledo (Ohio)

    Tucked away in a part of the city where it pretty much doesn't belong. There isn't any "retail" around really so it's there in the midst of an "industrial" part of town: auto salvage, mechanic places, factories, refineries... So it is worth it to hang out to get some MAGNIFICENT straight BLUE COLLAR cock.


    With that in mind, there are a bunch of other people with the same thing in mind that ruin the setup for the rest of us who know what we are doing. They go in the arcade and just sit their fat tuchus down, don't put any money in the machines and keep waiting for a hot guy to stroll in. And they have the booths MONOPOLIZED so that way when a hot guy DOES, he has no choice but to go into one of THEIRS, where they get a substandard sucking. When the clerk gets fed up with them not paying, they will purge them from the back. I was there once when it happened (I was immune since I was paying)--the lights were turned on and they scattered away. A gallery of ghouls.

    But I have had glorious days there! I live in Columbus but will sometimes be horny and inspired to drive the 120 miles north because it is WORTH IT!! Around lunch time, there can be guys that are dropping by from one of the auto places, smelling like oil. I can be there in the back and they come straight back to where I am in the adjacent booth, not making eye contact. I listen for the dollar bill to slide into their machine and then I get into my side, shut/lock the door and do the same thing. I peer through the hole and see what is happening. Sometimes they might need a moment, sometimes they aren't hard yet... yet OTHER TIMES, they are ALREADY standing and their cock is ROCK HARD and they have just been waiting for me. This is mostly with the younger guys, the ones who have the cock and balls that are just oozing with the taste of YOUTH. Not to say though that the daddies who come through don't bring their own taste as well.

    I have had a nice mix of guys in the past two years but the two that stick out to me the most are a guy who was EASILY 6'6" and looked like a GYM TEACHER. We were both walking out at the same time and he got into a Ford Aerostar (from the 90s!) with a carseat in the back LOL and the other was a TOLEDO POLICE OFFICER IN FULL UNIFORM!!! Everyone in the arcade SCRAMMED and I froze for a moment but I also knew better because I knew that there TECHNICALLY wasn't anything illegal happening. Him unbuckling his pants was more complicated because of the belt (with gun, pepper spray, etc.) and the cock that was presented after he FISHED it FREE from the boxer briefs was PORN STAR-WORTHY!!! I could feel the heat radiating from it as it approached my face and the precum was almost dripping. It was pretty FAT, causing me to open up wider than I thought I would need to but that was OK. There was a taste that was a nice blend that resulted in a sort of sweaty testosterone that was just ADDICTIVE. I went in nice and SLOW so I could savor as much of it as possible. I didn't want to just wash it all away in a hurry. And I also wanted to take my time to take care of this meat. Every time I went down, I would go a little bit further, and I started to hear soft moans and exhales through the cheap plywood or whatever the material is that separated us.

    💥📢 SUDDENLY, this perfect scene was interrupted by a loud voice that seemed to be coming from everywhere. I froze. With his cock still in my mouth. But then he spoke. A nice, deep, MANLY voice, answering back in the same police vernacular; and when he released the grip on his microphone (?) there was an electronic "chirp" sound. This went on for another 15 seconds or so and his meaty member stayed nice and snug, where I was beginning to feel his pulse. Realizing that this was OK, I resumed my motions, this time, a nice slurping, wanting to show him my appreciation for "multi-tasking" lol

    It's always a pleasure to PLEASURE straight guys who have impressive cocks because you can tell how UNLIKELY it is that they are getting it done the RIGHT way on a regular basis. As I was doing my thing, he would be changing the channels but his breathing was like someone in the gym lifting weights and it was so hot when every so often there would be a soft "FUUUUCK!" coming from him.

    And then a rogue thought passed through my mind: in these times where there are all the horror stories of citizens vs. police, this officer might have swung by this "bookstore" because he was horny and needed a release. In other words...


    I gave it my best effort. Going alllllll the way down (a good 8 inches) I was able to get a GASP from him as well as coax him to move further into the "hole". I wanted to get hi further in so I could get access to his balls, the repository of the product that I was working for. I tasted the same sweaty testosterone as before only STRONGER and it made me more entranced. I slurped, and licked every square centimeter of those boys, wanting to savor everything about them. I could have done so all day but I wanted to get back to work...

    I made that magic maneuver again, this time remaining that far down, backing up about two inches and then activating the suction and my tongue and going back and forth. He GASPED and grabbed onto the handles on the wall and was pushing his waist into it. I did that for about ten seconds and then STOPPED--pulling out. He was almost gasping for breath and I could see the veins on his cock protruding. We had both ran out of video time so I decided that it was time to reel this baby in.

    So, knowing what is the magic spot for him, I reached into my pocket and got my lips ready with some great lip balm. He WAS dripping precum this time. Now I went all the way down and all the way back up, taking my time at first and stopping to savor the throbbing head. But seeing that the veins were swelling up again, I focused and braced for the finale. And when it hit, my mouth was filled with the THICKEST, SALTIEST jizz I had tasted in a long while. I held still and then slowly eased back and forth to assist him with the draining of his boys.

    I was at his abdomen and began to pull away, knowing that I was getting the last of his sperm. He put his still stiff, dripping cock back in his draws, pulled them up and pulled up his pants and the belt with loud, numerous keys and the heavy equipment, all of it heavy with authority. He zipped up and I could hear him walking through the halls, boots marching and keys jangling.

  • The video arcade here in Jefferson WV charges a $10 flat rate which I love. Thanks for sharing by the way! Very hot to read.

  • Hot AF! 🔥
    Places like this make my cock ooze precum as soon as I park the car. My underwear is drenched in no time. I'm just south of Columbus. No arcades here. I'm planning road trip to WV. 🍆 💦

  • R u available

  • Hey bud send me a private email. I rarely check messages here. It's [email protected]

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