Virginia members

Who is located in VA and where?


  • I'm in Moneta, near Roanoke. You?
  • Anyone in virginia looking for some ass or a mouth for their cock?
  • Northern VA
  • Hi I’m looming for some ass and mouth for my cock

  • Virginia Beach

  • In yorktown. Looking to give and receive first bj to a guy. Will need to see pic of cock before meeting up. Weight/body type no issue. Just clean and good looking cock.

  • My bisexual husband wants to make my sexual fantasy come true. He is looking for a black bisexual male between his and my age. He is 39 and I'm 44. I would prefer only serious men email us back. I .am sending 2 good faith pictures of us...not naked pictures unil we have gotten to know each other for a bit.

  • Should have let anyone that is interested know that we live in Gore, Va. Looking for a black bisexual male that is willing to please us both.

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