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My first glory hole experience

Never new what a glory hole was till I joined a health club. I would go to this stall and always wondered why anyone would put a hole in a stall. No one was ever in the next stall.. so I never really thought about it. One evening i was working out and this really cute guy, the kind of cute that makes you hard instantly thinking about his body and fucking his ass..  lol, anyway after my workout i went to the bathroom and was in the stall with the hole in it, then, for the first time someone came in to the stall next to me. I was all like wtf...  I was still as a mouse hiding from a cat..  and nothing happened.. so I glanced through the hole and it was that guy!! The really cute one, ok so instant hardon right??...  I started to understand about what this hole might be for when I saw him pull his cock out of his shorts and he was hung..  wow that fucking cock was so hot and smooth....  then, he looked back though the hole. OH SHIT, I thought!... then the longest tongue I had ever seen wiggled through the hole, beckoning me, I almost came right there!!  So I watched it for a moment and my gay instincts kicked in, I had my cock in his mouth so quick....  oh shit it felt good! Hot and wet, just the right suction...  I started pumping his mouth slowly, long deep strokes...  went like this for 5, 8 minutes then he pulled away and I felt hot wet cum on my cock...  I was in heaven.... this guy just creamed my cock!! Then he started licking my cock again cleaning up his messs. I couldn't hold it any longer and gave him some of my hot jizz right down his throat. He kept sucking till I started to get a little soft. Fuck he was good. I now look for those holes everywhere!!


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