Bucks load

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.  Buck my Mechanic was working on my truck when I got the call he was done and he was driving over to drop it off and dump the bill .   It did seem somewhat strange his wording of dumping a bill  but figured it was the end of the day he probably just misspoke .  I figured I would try to brighten his  evening with a free beer   On ice when he got here 
        You see buck is a total stud i would Love to suck his dick  But also knew he had no problem getting sex from the ladies or whoever anytime he wanted . And I had no reason  to believe he would’ve had any knowledge of my gloryhole . But that did not stop me  from fantasizing about  the  possibility . When he  Arrived  he was shirtless  total eye candy   I could hardly keep my eyes off his treasure trail Made my dick jump right away what a stud I was thinking . I offered him a beer which he gladly excepted  and we went to the back yard deck to  chat .  I asked how bad the damage was  he told me it was just a ball Joint he then surprised me and said we have a mutual friend  that told him about my gloryhole in the house and if I was into it he could use the service . I was totally shocked and excited at the same time it was like a fantasy cum true could this be happening .  Was I going to get to suck this stud off.  I could hardly believe my ears.
He then went on to say It had been a busy week and he could use a nice blow job if I was up to it .  I told him don’t worry about that I love sucking cock And I bit yours is a real nice one .  He said thanks and started grabbing at his meat through his Levi’s. 
     I asked if he had ever been sucked off in a gloryhole he said no . But said he was looking forward to trying mine  out . I told him my gloryhole had a video port and if he liked I would put some porn on for him I asked what he liked he said straight deepthroat  I laughed and thought why  am I not surprised lol .  We went to the Gloryhole room and picked out some porn and I got on my side.  Down on my knees and prepared  for servicing him  .The porn had started And I watched with enthusiasm as he pulled his cock out of its confines.  It looked beautiful at least 5 inches  still soft plump and uncut pale as compared to the rest of his hard body  .A beautiful black mound to bury my nose in as well  . Bucks stats are 6,1 180 pounds with a 9 inch  slightly curved cock lol 
           He then asked me to beg  he said he wanted to judge how  hungry  I was for his tool 
 Needless to say I complied please please feed me your cock i so want to suck your balls as well Buck  please please let me please your need  . Nice job he said you do  indeed sound hungry  . I assured him that I was  . He then said there was a kink he enjoyed  doing with his ex and he wanted to see if I liked it he said  he wanted to place his cock in my mouth soft and I was just to hold it there and not let go until it was fully erect and down my throat .  The thought truly excited me but I told him all I could do was my best and I would truly try .  He said nice let’s see What you can do and he placed his soft cock through the gloryhole  I put it in my mouth and just let it rest on my tongue . At first it was no  Challenge at  all my mouth did feel full however  and I could feel his cock begin to twitch and  lengthen in my warm mouth .  Remembering what he had told me I kept my nose buried in his pubic mound as I felt the head  begin to pass down my throat   It did not take me long to start to gag on it as it moved down My throat  concentrating on keeping my nose buried in his mound as his cock was really growing now I knew instinctively to start breathing through my nose as the cock continued pulsating  down my throat  . He said nice work cock hound you keep this up your going to get a nice Snack . At this point all I could do was  gag my approval lol . He then Grabbed the gloryhole  handles and  began  fucking my mouth hard  . Even though it was a real struggle to keep up I could not help but notice my own cock was hard as a rock as I serviced this stud .  He was  moaning  with pleasure  When he said he was about to cum  I could feel his cock twitch and swelling in my throat and knew he was about to pop . I then felt  the first shot of warm seed in my throat and pulled off some so I  could get a good taste of his  healthy seed  I will never forget that load lol my Gloryhole Buck Pulled his dick back through the gloryhole and said his 24 year old nephew is coming to pick him up  and he asked if maybe I would like to taste his load . But I will save that for another story .lol 
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