Good ol craigslist got me in a few back doors dark and anon

First time i went i was so high on adrenaline that my dick took a while to relax.  I came in and went down the stairs and porn was playing.  I tried to not look down but i just put on my phone with the best bj video i wanted to get a simulation you can do it for someone but getting someone to memorize the video and replicate it is alot of work.  I always loved klixen teasing slow lick with a friend who takes their side and fights between the cock and the tounges fighting for dominance.  Anyway i busted in under a min.  Was a pro and i would ask him if i cum quick suck out the 2nd one and that took about 10mins but i was so high from knowing im letting some sissy cock lover try to be better than the last girl.  I had 3 diff ones i went to one passaic clifton and Lyndhurst.  Now i i have a desire to be a good fit for you and ill be learning how to make you feel like it is going on in sync.  Not had a cock teasing yet I will let you prove that you are ready for me to come in and talk with the tounge around my head is a good thing to get a suction pop pull to the lickin up and down the shaft n back to letting contacts separate for a few seconds and just barely viper tounge that spot .  I always admired girls that would be great service with my cock but would let me bust on the face.  I have that video if anyone wants to see it ill send the link.  Anyway i been IV crystal 3 times and im ready to get started on someone elses cock.  Shit makes me obsessed with these girls that know how to make a good video.  I want to see if i can pull it off.  
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