My favorite gloryhole

So a few years back I answered an ad for a gloryhole on craigslist. I get the address, and head to the house, folliwing the instructions to walk in the backdoor and down the stairs. Once downstairs i find a dark basement lit by a few rope lights and like 11 tvs all around playing all types of porn. There was a swing setup, a few leather chairs, etc. I was here for the gloryhole though. I see a big plywood booth setup with some handles mounted high above a long cutout at perfect cock height. 

I stop and enjoy all the porn for a monent as i unzip and pull out my 7.5" thick uncut cock. Feeling him swell i step up to the batters box so to speak, slide him through directly into a warm wet mouth pressed against the other side. Oh it felt so good to be engulfed in a hungry mouth, watching all this porn, i grabbed the handholds and held on for dear life as i unleashed a long pent up load of cum as that mouth kept sucking, and kept sucking until inwas soft again.

Ive been back many, many times to visit. My favorite thing is to start off getting sucked and then after im good and hard he turns around and slides a well lubed tight ass down on my cock until im buried. I love grabbing those handholds and just pounding the hell out of that tight ass! I love it when he turns around and sucks me again, and we go back and forth like that until i cum hard and usually deep in that tight hole. Ive probably blown 100 loads in that room, or more even. Just thought id share.


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