Young jocks load

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I got an email reply from my gloryhole ad in Redding ca from a guy calling himself young 
jock he sent along a pic and his stats 24 hwp 170 pounds . Sounded hot so I replyed back right away letting him know I was  interested ..  He then  wrote back saying he was only interested in getting sucked off
he was in the woods hunting and could use the service .  About an hour later I heard a knock on the Gloryhole knowing he was cumming over  I already had porn in the video  slot playing for him  I position myself on my side of the gloryhole down  on my knees just as he was pulling down his boxers and  I got a glimpse of a beautiful cock still soft  but it looked real nice  with a dark blonde. pubic bush.
                He then  grabbed the Gloryhole handles and fed me his  cock I then started with licking and teabagging his beautiful fat balls .  As I was doing this he said it had been over a week since he popped and said he had a nice big load of cum  all built up for me .  Needless to say I jumped right on the head of his cock and begin to suck . It was fully hard and leaking right away  my tongue  slid over his  rather large Hammer head type cock I then took a deep breath and begin to deep throat  his cock  at 6 half inches in length I had no trouble this really was an enjoyable cock to suck .  Enjoying myself as I felt the  solid Veiny cock head  In  my throat.   I reached up and begin to feel up  his nuts
and was Rewarded with the largest load of cum. I have ever had to take Needless to say some  came shooting up my nose and  leaked around my  mouth but there was no doubt I got most of his tasty seed down .  I could hear him moaning with pleasure as he pulled his dick away from me and said thank you  and asked if he could come  again ? We all know the answer to that lol  my gloryhole 
 And now I have more than one reason to look forward to hunting season ...
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