Long Beach Fantasy

I love gloryhole porn and fantasize about finding a public restroom and with a hole in the stall. As I'm in the John I here the other stall door open and someone comes in. I stare at the hole and read the words "stick cock in hole". I'm nervous, but my cock has mind of its own and I press myself against the stall wall and my cock goes through the hole. I'm nervous, but hard cock knows that a nice slow cock sucking will make my it blast warm cum. As I begin to withdraw having second thoughts a warm wet mouth engulfs my cock causing me to freeze and let out a moan. My cock is so hard and the initial feeling is everything I've fantasized it would be. A warm wet mouth from a complete stranger servicing my hard cock in a dirty public restroom. I grip the top of the stall tightly and press my cock through the hole as hard as I can letting that warm mouth rhythmically sucking my cock. I close my eyes and enjoy the ride until that warm wet mouth make my cock twitch and shoot cum. Can you make this fantasy cum true?

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