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Hi all

I decided to dump the old forum software while I still could, it was just not working well enough. 

I have replaced it with this one and if you have made a post on the old board I have moved it to this board and set your account up with your username and the email addy you supplied. 

Just use the password reset option to get access to your account and update your password, if you signed up with a fake email addy (I know some of you did) just email message me with a valid email addy and your username and I will email you with access into your account :)


  • I can not figure out how to post my ad. Will you help me please?
  • I too want to post an ad for a private GH and can't find how to do it.
  • I have messaged both of you
  • I see I am not the only one that is puzzled as to how to place my ad for my private GH. There are no user friendly instructions on your website. I see tons of ads about private GH's. I just want to post mine too. Can you please explain to me how to post my GH step by step?

  • Happy to help... just look for this button in the lower right corner of your browser window
     click it and it will open the new post window :) 
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