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Read Before You Answer - Public GH’s in Los Angeles area?

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For someone who gives the head and takes the dick I’ve always had a fantasy about those “public anon gloryholes” I tend to see in amateur homemade porn. Then ofcourse the clearly staged scenarios you see in professional porn. My question is do they exist and or how do you come accross them? not talking about ones at sex Clubs or arcades is it really a thing to just be of service at one and guys just show up?

Any feedback is appreciated thank you its a fantasy I def wanna check off the list while I’m young, tight, on prep, petite and willing lol.


  • I've asked the same question. No answer yet 🥺 Some seem to host their own private GH. Since I strictly give head, I have not asked for an address or anything of that sort. All of my encounters have been 1on1.
    It would be hot, exciting and a bit risky to suck complete strangers, but so far it seems as you have mentioned it.
    What I have plan is to risk losing a one day hotel/motel fair to set up a GH and then announce it to individuals here to see who shows up. I think I might do it with 30 minutes appointment times. Sucking and swallowing 5 to 7 loads in a row is the point of a GH, right? If at least 5 guys show up it would be worth the hotel/motel fair.
    Let me know your thoughts.
    Great to have found a person who had the same inquiry as me.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • I need my balls drained dm me where to come to

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