Try new things

So never sucked cock before, but I watch guys get throatfucked all the time in porn and I'm in love with it! But trying it makes me nervous yet also turns me on.


  • What’s your location?
  • been a while since i sucked one but in ready now

  • Never sucked a dick but sometimes I just get an urge.
  • I had the urge too  and when i acted on it it was amazing. Enjoyed the first time so much i never quit.
  • Damn you guys got me hard 
  • Anyone want to meet up right now? I need to cum, and make you cum even harder! 
  • I’m in Florida 
  • I'm in Florida y'all hmu
  • I was told years ago that If I ever sucked one I would have times when I wanted t do it again. I have done it three times and yes its very satisfying. im married and love my wife but everynow and then I need a cock to play with and every time I have its been a mutual thing . I never swallow though. but have dreamed of it, aND YES IM GETTING HARD THINKING ABOUT IT NOW
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