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Chicago Heights, IL GH - starship video

I went there Friday and right away there was a guy in booth next to me who tapped and I put my cock in the hole, he started sucking then put my cock in his tight ass but could not move enough to get a good Rhythm going. Hole to the right was also occupied and they peaked through the hole and I seen an open mouth. Gave him my cock and he gave some of the best deepthroat head I’ve ever had. Just before I was to cum, I felt him lick my balls then I felt a tight ass and he took it all the way in because I felt his soft ass cheeks hit my balls too. He was able to move as I stroked my cock in and out his of his ass. As I pushed in he squeezed his ass and it felt amazing. Very clean ass, he continued to slide his ass back and forth on my solid cock and as I wanted to cum deep in his ass he turned around went ass to mouth and I shot a huge load in his mouth, I know it went straight down his throat because he went balls deep again and I felt my head being squeezed by his throat this felt so good he continued to suck my cock even after I came, my legs were shaking. I wish I can run I to him again. Will definitely be going back.

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