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I live in a small town  in Northern California  and as a cock hound I needed to find away to get the word out that i had a working gloryhole . A truck driver that I knew told me of an idea that He was aware  of from his previous sucker . How this dude used satellite Gloryholes set up around town in wooded areas and so on  in fact he said that’s how he found his gloryhole was at one of his  satellite holes  . The idea really intrigued me and he explained how it worked you take a sample piece of plywood cut out a obvious gloryhole on the backside you  leave your info place or email  Address  so that someone Coming across it . Would then be able to get a hold of you . Sounded simple enough. 
            So I made a few and left them at places were the type of man that I really appreciate hang out in my area that meant the old logging camp And the wooded area  by the dirtbike track . Then I waited And did not receive much action until some lighting fires struck the area fireman from all over filled our little town and it seemed my services  would be very much in need now  .  Word spreads fast and hard in the fire camps that there was a glory near . I started receiving inquiries half dozen to a dozen a day  and was now able to pick and choose a little  One guy named Troy was the first of the firemen I sucked off in my gloryhole 
           He had a very straightforward attitude I gave him directions and he showed up at the Gloryhole and knocked on the gloryhole door just as I had asked .  Anticipation was  both  exciting and invigorating to know soon I’d be working a nice  Cock . When I looked  through my  Gloryhole I could see He was setting up his iPad and I knew probably choosing Some porn to watch  I waited patiently   . I could now hear the  video playing in the background he then proceeded to come over towards the gloryhole door and  although he still had his fire pants on he  Grabbed the handles on the gloryhole door and Seemed to be getting a hold of the idea of how this was going to work  with his pants still on he started pumping like he was fucking the door . I took this as an opportunity to feel him up .  
               He was hard as a rock and now I was excited that   I would be Feeding on a nice one .  He was Clear When he  said I hope you’re ready sucker for some real   Tube steak.  Then  I heard that wonderful sound of a zipper coming down and a belt being opened  .That’s when I first saw it  what had to be a seven or an 8 inch curved beautiful veiny cock  I licked my lips with anticipation as he begin to feed it through my Gloryhole .  Needless to say he fed me a heavy load that I truly appreciated lol my gloryhole .


  • Great story. Lucky dude. I’d love to try your hole sometime. I usually want sucked more than I want to suck. 
  • I’m in the Redding area sometimes...would love to visit one of your spots! ;)
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