If you post a phone number your account will be deleted, no warnings, just gone

Posting Tips - Please Read (Updated)

  • When creating a new post, it is VERY helpful if you add the city name in the discussion title.
  • When adding tags add one with the city name and another with the state.
  • To reply to a post privately click the posters user name and use the "message" button on the profile page (top right corner)
  • Use both search and tags to find posts near you
  • Do Not post phone numbers, if you want to exchange numbers use the message function.
DO NOT spam the board... I will delete multiple posts or replies about the same thing and any post that is simply wasting space like, "I need head" with no location or details.... gone!

AGAIN: DO NOT POST PHONE NUMBERS First time I will delete the post, second time I will delete your account.

Otherwise have some fun.
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To send a private message click the username and look for the message button.

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