Taking care of Trevor  The local handyman  27 6’1 165  pounds  7 inch   Slightly curved uncut cock 
 Trevor is the kind a guy you like to have around a real fun loving dude. I hired him to help paint my house and do some carpentry work around the place .  I had no idea if Trevor knew that I was
a cock hound or if one of his friends had told him about my gloryhole . 
             It was a hot day in my little town Trevor had been painting the eaves and was wearing a tank top  that really showed off his beautiful pits 
 I doubt he had any idea how much I really appreciated his looks . I went to the nearby store and got a couple deli sandwiches as Trevor asked if  could buy him a sandwich .  When I got back we sat down for lunch   As we were eating and chatting  he asked if he could use the restroom I said sure not realizing that I had left The Gloryhole room door unlocked .  Of course I had thought about sucking off Trevor but thought the possibility would never happen as Trevor was married with two children .  They seem like a very happy couple I know she had been in an  accident . And had been recovering from surgery’s  as a result .

           I heard from inside the house some laughIng  as Trevor came out the back door smiling   He looked at me and said so you’re the dude with the Gloryhole  Lol he said looking right at me .  Don’t worry  i’m cool with it he said I don’t care . He then looked at me in the eyes and asked if he could use it sometime  .  Needless to say I said anytime you want   He then asked if I wanted to blow him I said yes I would love to . He said then why wait  i’m ready now for a nice blowjob Trevor said it had been sometime  since he had a nice blowjob due to his wife’s accident and could really use my service .  I said thank you and I became very excited that I would be feeding on such a beautiful young Man . 

           Readying myself at my Gloryhole Watching him unbuckle and unzip was truly invigorating I knew instinctively this was going to be a very nice cock and I was not   disappointed   As he slid it through My Gloryhole I began with his beautiful balls   giving them a real workout  slowly coming up the shaft to his  beautiful cock head  leaking  pre   His seed  had a salty taste that  had reminded me of one of the first cocks I had ever sucked .  Needless to say he fed me a nice load that I truly appreciated and to this day I blow him from time to time  Lol my Gloryhole ...
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