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So many neglected married cocks !

I host a private glory hole and I prefer married men. I got an email from a married man that told me he literally had not had a blowjob in 2 years. His wife suffers from depression.
 Of course i told him he really needs this and lets make it happen. We arranged a time the next day, and I have to say he is the only man that has ever been right on time, lol.
 He came down the steps and dropped his pants and shoved his cock thru(my favorite part) a nice cut 5 inch cock, I took his cock in my hands and let him feel whats it's like to have someone touching him that loves every inch of his cock. As he began to get hard I took his cock all the way down my throat and he gave a huge moan and a " Oh My God" and he came.
 He emailed me almost instantly after to apologize , So sweet..
He has been back many times since and now slides under my GH for a rimming and blowjob.
Hosting a Private GH, discrete entrance thru alley. A safe quiet place to drop your pants and get a nice slow passionate blowjob. I'm a cock worshipper and can't go a day with out a hard cock in my hands and mouth. I've designed my GH for room below for a man to slide half his body under for a full service rimming and blowjob. I dont reciprocate , i just want / need to get men off, to hear your sexy moans until that sweet release down my throat.
Yes, I do deep throat and yes I swallow every drop !!


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