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Not too naughty in San Leandro

I'll be taking loads Tonight


  • edited December 2021

    Tonight is the night. I'll be there around 7pm taking loads, relaxing and having fun!

  • 12:15 this afternoon, I'll be stopping by to suck some cock. I would like to blow somebody in the theater!

  • 4pm Friday afternoon, I'll be there to suck cock until closing!

  • Change of plans I will be there Saturday at 3:00 p.m. to closing to suck cock. Please let me know if you are able to attend.

  • I will be there Friday afternoon @3pm taking loads until closing. I want to blow someone in the theater, HMU

  • On Saturday from 1pm to closing, I will be taking loads, I will be blowing someone in the theater at 2pm. I'm also entertaining get my ass played with. HMU if you want to take me from behind!

  • Sucking cock today starting at 2:30pm today.

  • Not too naughty in San Leandro across the street from bayfair mall

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