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Double dose Tuesday Carlos and his cousin

edited January 2020 in Glory Hole Stories
Nothing  makes a cock lover  happier they a  return customer  ❤️ and that’s what I got and a whole lot more when  Carlos  Sent me an email asking if I could open my Gloryhole Tuesday.  He said he and his  cousin Josh had been trimming trees ? on the mountain and where cumming to town to pick up supplies and he needed the service along with his  cousin he sent along i pic and stats of  cousin
22 years old  5 foot 11 fit seeing the pic and remembering  Carlos cock is all I needed to  respond right away that my Redding area Gloryhole would be wide OPEN for him to use lol ? ❤️ he sent back an email 12 noon

  So it was set  I spent Tuesday morning cleaning  The Gloryhole room  stocking the beer ? and remembered to send an email  reminding Carlos to bring his  tablet or phone for the  video slot so him and his  cousin could watch some porn as I serviced them . I opened the private back yard gate  sure enough they where right on time . I could hear Carlos and his cousin talking. Dude  this is for real man oh ya  Carlos said as he opened his first beer and told his cousin to wait outside  .  I could tell Carlos was setting up his Porn as I got into  position on my side  .  Then I heard that wonderful sound of a zipper coming down as I watched him pull his meat ? from its  confines  I was in cocksucker  heaven as I serviced him and his beautiful 8 inch’s  switching on and off from teabagging his fat nuts in what seemed like only a few  minutes  I was  gifted  his seed . 

          As he finished up he Popped  open another beer ? and asked if he could watch me from my side service his  cousin ??  I was a little surprised but said sure why not I really liked  Carlos and if it made him happy ? I was as well he told his  cousin from my side not to be nervous dude and to just feed the hole .  It was wonderful watching  The young man pull his meat out and I started working it right way the  flaccid cock  grew hard as a rock in my mouth when I felt Carlos hand on the back of my head  encouraging me to  throat his  cousin 
he then pulled my mouth off his  cousins cock and told me to open nice and wide as he spit in my  mouth and told me he was just  trying he help out 
 I was not surprised and went right back to work taking care of Josh .  Carlos Pulled his cock out  and begin jacking off as he praised me as a very good cocksucker ❤️.  He also told me he wanted to watch me swallow It all . As if that would be a problem lol in no time I got  my second reward of the  day . 
    Followed by Carlos  Dick  Slappin the side of my face  praising my  performance he shot a second Load  directly  On the side of my face  as I finished cleaning off  his cousin  . 
                 They  continued  to stop by from time to time and I really learned to appreciate them both . love my Redding area Gloryhole for  comments or suggestions for future stories please email [email protected] yahoo.com 
            And remember my fantasy-based stories are based on a non-HIV reality
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