Marcus is another dude I was Given the pleasure
to please .  Got a email from him  saying he had heard from a friend I had a working gloryhole  he sent along a picture of him rubbing a very large bulge in his sweatpants.   After seeing the picture and reading his stats   I became very interested and emailed him back right away with the location
            I waited patiently with anticipation and eagerness till I heard the knock   On the gloryhole door  I quickly got in position and  waited for him to set up a lap top and he started watching the porn 
as  he sat in a chair  rubbing his  sizable piece of meat I should add his stats now  latino mix 9 ‘’ uncut cock 170  pounds over 6 foot  . As he got up and looked at the gloryhole he said he had never been deep throated and hoped I would at least try 
 . I told him I understood and would do my best .  The porn movie he was watching I could hear that there was lots of gagging and choking sounds that I knew ment he wanted me to be Aggressive with his cock That excited me very much and I looked forward to the challenge as he  slid his half hard  Cock  through  My gloryhole I wraped my lips and tongue  around the head and began sucking right away  on his beautiful veiny uncut cock  taking as much as I could right away .  Which was only about half before I  began to choke and gag  . 
        He was being a little verbal now and told me to try to take more  it took all my effort and experience   Choking and gagging  Along the way till my nose had  reached  its  destination buried in a beautiful black  pube  mound.  I could hear him moaning with pleasure . I then began to fuck his cock and in no time  I received my reward lol my gloryhole to this day  he still stops by now and then .. 


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