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Helping out the family guy

Matt was the father of two children with a third on the way . Yes he loved his wife but had a problem for he loved Blowjobs and it seemed his loving wife has lost interest in  performing them .
        He didn’t want to constantly rag on her or upset her as she was now pregnant with their third child  desperately trying to find a solution he turned to a friend who suggested finding a Gloryhole to get  relief this friend  suggested the web site Gloryholein .com 
     Two weeks or so latter he did and found my Gloryhole in the Redding area .  As a  faithful  cock lover I checked my email every morning and night when I found his that  included a pic of his  beautiful 7 inch cut cock that made my mouth water he  included his stats 28 HWP 6’2 180 pounds fit . I immediately responded with the location of my Gloryhole . And  as luck would have it he  immediately responded back saying he really was looking forward to being serviced and was on his way  .I reassured him of discretion and let him know I looked forward to pulling his seed .
     When I heard his truck and only a minute later 
a knock on my solid wood gloryhole door with hold on  handles for the feeders  convenience  .  I heard the wonderful sound of a zipper being pulled down . He said to me I hope your ready for a nice load and he expected me to swallow  as if that would be a problem lol . Looking  through my side I could see his bulging tenting  boxers and know I was going to have a great time pulling his seed .
     I took my time starting with his balls and licking and loving my way up his shaft  before my mouth  covered his beautiful cock head  he said suck all you want he will make more  and reassured me he would be back  . Only after about 15 minutes of aggressive cock loving i received my reward lol my Gloryhole in non HIV  reality ..


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