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Carlos and his 8 inch’s of ❤️ Muscle

edited July 2019 in Glory Hole Stories
 Carlos 26 hwp Newer immigrant to our country was looking for work . When I saw him shirtless  holding a sign. I knew I’d find something for him to do around the house lol. I had him working on my fence in no time. Shirtless and in shorts a true  Latin male stud I knew I was not leaving the house with that eye candy around  and helped him on the project .  Truly it was very pleasurable for me to say the least .  It was getting towards the end of the day when he asked if I had anything to drink . I said sure  I went in and got him a beer and a water bottle he said thanks and we sat down to cool off some and for me in more then one way I was fighting keeping my wood down from just being so close to this stud .
                        After about three beers he asked if I had anymore work . I was thinking maybe I should have him do some painting but was  worried he might find my Gloryhole room .  And decided to take another approach I told him I was an amateur photographer and I love taking pictures of young men in nature outdoors shirtless And he fit the job  Perfectly. He then got a grin on his face and asked if I was into guys .  I told him I don’t believe in labels  but yeah I find fit young men and women beautiful.  So if that makes me bi so be it ..
                He said no problem as long as they where non nude.  I said sure Just photos that show off his fit male body in nature .  He asked how much do you pay I said for a few hours a couple hundred bucks  .  As I turned the corner on the national forest service road at Blue Mountain he asked if I would like to suck him off.   Needless to say we all knew the answer to that one ❤️  And I then told him about my GloryHole and how I was thinking about having it painted . Carlos Then said I would love to paint that Gloryhole in more then one way and  that put smiles on both of our faces .  
             I then showed him  a picture of my GloryHole and told him it even had hold on handles for a feeders Convenience .   When we got back he asked to see the Gloryhole when I did he asked for another cold beer . As I was leaving he told me to pass It through to him from my side of the Gloryhole .  I placed myself down on my knees on my side and passed the cold beer through the hole as he asked. He then said thanks and  popped it open and started rubbing his  crotch and working his meat .   I then heard that wonderful sound of a zipper coming down and seeing his shorts slide to the floor of the Gloryhole . And what a sight to behold that was  right in front of me a beautiful uncut Latin cock . He then told me to stick out my tongue And to open my mouth nice and wide Needless to say I complied lol as I felt  him slap my face and tongue with this stud cock when  he stopped I asked if I could suck his balls  I learned from prior experience to always ask first ❤️ guys  don’t like surprises down there  .  He let me teabag  For a few  minutes  before asking me to finish him off  it only took a few minutes of working his meat ?  to receive my reward and wow what a tasty reward I will never forget . He said thanks and as he was leaving he asked if he could tell some friends about my Gloryhole . Please do and then he asked for my email  Address  that I happily provided...  Send suggestions for future short stories to Bmasson @ yahoo com  hope you all enjoyed the story . Happy Gloryholein


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