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edited March 2020 in Glory Hole Stories
Got an email from mark 28 6,2 hwp fit male stud who works the night shift at the local Sawmill asking if my Redding area Gloryhole was still open ?? As some businesses have shut down due to the bad  flu season this year . Remembering back at his nice 7 inch cut cock and his teasty cum loads 
i emailed him back right away saying my Gloryhole was not at this point regulated by government—- ❤️ that

             He said his girlfriend had stopped giving him head do to the flu season and he found himself in need of my services again. He also said in an email he also had a couple friends  who found themselves in the same boat . I never thought about this and how this could turn out to be a BIG bonus in business for me . And I was getting  excited ? at the  possibility’s .  When I emailed  him back saying for now my service was still available ... He said him and his buddy got off work at 1:30 am and would be stoping in if it was ok??? His friend 32. Hwp fit and he said I would  probably love ❤️ his 8 inch plus size cock 

              I said he had my number I do like big cocks to suck on and service . I told him I would have some beers ? waiting for them.  And  told him to pack in his  tablet as my Gloryhole has a video port . He said he remembered that and already had his porn videos loaded as he enjoys my service. When I heard the truck pull up I knew to get ready on my side of the Gloryhole and wait I unlocked the private back door ? as I heard them cuming through the private back gate. Mark was telling his friend look dude he has the ? waiting for us ❤️ this men . He told his his friend Scott to wait on the back deck and suck down some beer he was going to be sucked off first . As I saw mark getting ready in the Gloryhole room he set up his porn and took off his pants and boxers hung them up as he told me it had been a week since he last busted a nut ? and he would not last long but if I took my time with Scott I may get a second load from him lol ? as I saw his beautiful cock take its alignment on my mouth I began with sucking the head real good till
it was rock hard then began to tea bag his nice full nuts after just a few minutes of this going back and forth he said he wanted to fuck my mouth just like last time he pulled my head down on his cock and did just that . Then I felt the first shot of his warm seed planted down my throat . I pulled back as best I could so as I could get a good amount in my mouth as I like to eat seed . I finished with telling him thank you and sucking his drained balls . As he pulled back I heard a beer can pop open and then him telling Scott your turn dude ...


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