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Helping out kyle

edited December 2018 in Glory Hole Stories
      It was a warm summer day when I got an email 
 From a regular  user of my Gloryhole that he had a favor to ask ? 
 What is it I asked he said he had a friend that played soccer at the local junior college and he had broken his wrist . He said that  he was thinking that his friend  Kyle  could really use my services due To his injury on the field . He said his friend had been really agitated lately and he was thinking it could be because he could not jack off with his injury.   I  begin to really get intrigued and asked how long he had been injured . He said it had been about two weeks .  That really excited me and I told him sure I would be interested in helping his friend out if he would like to use my Gloryhole .
              That night I got an email from Kyle asking if i could help him out .  I said sure and told him if he wanted he could bring his own porn to watch . 
 He said he couldn’t drive and asked if it was OK to have friend  tag a long .  I said sure and begin to get  sort of excited at the prospect of perhaps another Cock to service  ?   A half hour later I heard the knock on the Gloryhole door  He had  arrived right on time  needless to say I was excited at the prospect of helping out this young man with such a  pent up need .  I wanted him to know in advance that my Redding area Gloryhole was a place where he could and should feel  relaxed and confident . He said thanks  and let me know I had 
 Came highly recommended from his friend .  Now ready On my side of the gloryhole I waited  as I heard the wonderful sound of a belt and zipper coming down . With this broken wrist he was having some trouble then seeing the gloryhole  he just scooted over and said if I wanted it feel free to pull it out.    He did not have to ask twice.   The prospect of a two week load had me excited and his bulge in his boxers  definitely looked as if he had serious need .  Pulling down his boxers  And getting my first look at his beautiful uncut cock 
 . That was Set between two heavy balls  that I started teabaging right away  .  Only a moment later he was begging me to just suck his cock.   So I complied right away  and in no time  I was  deep throating a beautiful 7 inch  slightly curved downward veiny  Cock With my nose now buried in his  pubic mound I felt his first shots of warm seed 
 Down my throat  knowing it was a big load I held my position for a moment before pulling back off some  so I could saver his seed  on my taste buds what a load lol my Gloryhole ... 
 Needless to say he left  With a huge smile On his face . And  asked if he could cum  again .  We all know the answer  Lol 


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