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by Visilor
Forum: I'm Looking for a Glory Hole
Topic: Blue Springs Missouri
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Blue Springs Missouri

Looking for some fun in the Blue Springs area.
by Visilor
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Opinions, please?
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Opinions, please?

Backgtound: Marriage of 20+ years. For the last 10 ( because of medical reasons) wife has not been able to have sex. Is it cheating if the husband wants to go out every so often and get his rocks off because he is tired of the old five knuckle shuffle? I mean I wasn't the one who agreed to a sexless...
by Visilor
Forum: Glory Hole Stories
Topic: My favorite gloryhole
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My favorite gloryhole

Looking to join the train
by Visilor
Forum: I'm Looking for a Glory Hole
Topic: Blue Speinga Mo there a out
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Blue Speinga Mo there a out

Looking to lose a load. Long time since last blast. Needing release a fat cocksucking whore (250+ f) would be great,but a y mouth will do.