Why So Much Discussion About Anal Sex on a GH Website?

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Why So Much Discussion About Anal Sex on a GH Website?

Post by Letmeworshipit »

To be honest, I am an oral-only gay male, a side according to some, although few guys seem to use that term (and it makes no sense to me anyway). I have always felt that it was difficult to find sites that specialize in guys like me since the vast majority of gay hook-up sites involve the whole top/bottom/versatile self-description for anal sex. I'm slightly dismayed that I'm reading so many postings on this site for anal sex. Although I realize you can get fucked thorough a Glory Hole (or so I've heard), I think we all can agree that GH's were established originally to facilitate blowjobs, a safe and convenient way for men to blow their loads into the throat of a hungry cocksucker.
So what do others think about this subject? Are us oral guys going to get overwhelmed by anal sex aficionados, or will we try to make this a site geared more for M2M ORAL sex? I an interested in how others feel, either way. Thanks.

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Re: Why So Much Discussion About Anal Sex on a GH Website?

Post by Freaky69 »

I can give you only head.
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