Boot camp gloryhole

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Boot camp gloryhole

Post by Maudib »

My first time with a gloryhole was when I was in the navy. The c.o. told us if we needed relief, the bathroom had a couple of stalls for perverts and fags. Most of the guys laughed ?about it, but I'm sure some were thinking ? when am I going to try my luck in the stalls. We were always training and time was at a premium. The best time to go there was after midnight. My unit was 40 horny hung guys ages 18-25 years old. Most were tired from training, but the really hard up, or just curious would secretly find themselves in there. The way it was played, was. What happens here stays here. So it didn't matter if you were straight or gay if you wanted to suck some dick or get sucked, nobody would say nothing. The first time I went in there, I really had to take a piss. It was about 1:30 am. I didn't even think about it, but I was in the gloryhole stall. As I was pissing, I saw the hole, and someone's mouth was there. I got scared at first, wondering who was watching me. But then I got horny at the thought of getting my 19 year old cock sucked. I put my hard meat through the hole, and was immediately rewarded with the most incredible head. I was totally drained by the ? mouth, and was hooked. I didn't awake in the night always, but when I did, my dick was sucked like it was meant to be. One night it dawned on me that I needed to return the favor. Here I was getting my dick sucked every time I walked in there. I had only sucked one dick before joining the navy, and it was my best friend on a sleepover. I went to the gloryhole stall, sat down and waited. Finally after about 15 minutes, someone came in the stall I indicated that I wanted to suck. A nice slender cock came through the hole, and I started to suck it. He shot a nice load, which I swallowed. This guy that I had sucked wanted to suck me also. So I let him. I'm glad I did, because he turned out be a guy I thought was hot ?. We made a pact, that if either one of us were going to the stall we would tap each others bed, so we could have fun together
I must have sucked off at least half my unit. Most knew I would suck them at the drop of a hat. some would tap my bunk awaking me, and I was like there own personal cum dump. I loved ?every minute of it, I even sucked off 3 of my company commander's.
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Re: Boot camp gloryhole

Post by MarkinTaylorSucking »

Hi, awesome story. Hey you wouldn't happen to know if there are military bases that allows former military personnel in -- like PXes -- that have GHs? So that we could still give bjs to active members in need, do you.

Former USMC here. 

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Re: Boot camp gloryhole

Post by Viewh32 »

Nice story dude. This was hot
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