Why So Much Discussion About Anal Sex on a GH Website?

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Why So Much Discussion About Anal Sex on a GH Website?

Post by Letmeworshipit »

To be honest, I am an oral-only gay male, a side according to some, although few guys seem to use that term (and it makes no sense to me anyway). I have always felt that it was difficult to find sites that specialize in guys like me since the vast majority of gay hook-up sites involve the whole top/bottom/versatile self-description for anal sex. I'm slightly dismayed that I'm reading so many postings on this site for anal sex. Although I realize you can get fucked thorough a Glory Hole (or so I've heard), I think we all can agree that GH's were established originally to facilitate blowjobs, a safe and convenient way for men to blow their loads into the throat of a hungry cocksucker.
So what do others think about this subject? Are us oral guys going to get overwhelmed by anal sex aficionados, or will we try to make this a site geared more for M2M ORAL sex? I an interested in how others feel, either way. Thanks.

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Re: Why So Much Discussion About Anal Sex on a GH Website?

Post by TimVick »

I love to pleasure a hard cock through a GH, whether he wants my mouth hole or my other hole.  I love both, but I must confess to truly enjoying the taste and feel of a fully hard shaft and soft mushroom head.  whatever floats your boat.  Either experience is incredibly erotic, though doing a static squat while he pistons your hole is rough if you're not in shape for it (though easier on the knees ;D ).
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Re: Why So Much Discussion About Anal Sex on a GH Website?

Post by Chilango811 »

I enjoy both ways but the first time using a glory hole was to get sucked and I had too many good throats and  asses. Later on I started getting curious as to what it’d be like to suck a cock and taste some cum so I have a try, now all I want to do is suck and swallow. But yes the first time was to get sucked, also first anal was through a glory hole. I don’t consider my self gay because I like women more than anything but also enjoy sucking cock and swallowing cum. I’ve only gotten fuck in the ass through glory holes. So whatever that label is, I’m that and it’s been fun! 
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Re: Why So Much Discussion About Anal Sex on a GH Website?

Post by straightgloryhole »

Oh I have to say I LOVE anal thru a GH. I enjoy sucking a nice big dick but almost always will then slide my ass onto it and ride it til he busts deep in me. To me, it’s all part of GH culture and I prefer it in my hole. But I also LOVE to orally please them. It’s just that for me I want that nut in my fuckhole.
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