Chicago Heights, IL GH - starship video

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Re: Chicago Heights, IL GH - starship video

Post by omhgma »

NawtyCpl wrote:
Chilango811 wrote:
Not sure if they allow couples in same booth or not. I’ve never seen couples there but doesn’t hurt to try. Is your wife willing to have fun? We can meet there and find out. I’d like to join in the fun. 
She is. She's wanted to blow a few  guys thru a GH for awhile. Just been difficult to find one close. If we make ot out that way, I will post here and/or on holehunter
Are there still GH's at this location? In town for a few nights and have always wanted to be in the GH and have a hard cock shoot a load down my throat. I could also turn around and receive a cock and a fist if anyone is into that.
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