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More Is Better.

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I had my mouth on at least 10 cock yesterday, 5 of which gave me nice loads. Not all we're at the gloryhole. Some we're in private booths at my local ABS. My favorite one by far though was from this stocky older gentleman. We only started talking because I had asked the female employee to come to the back to adjust the thermostat because it was cold. As she walked out the older gentleman remarked, "She has a great ass!" To which I replied "Yeah" with very little interest. He said, "You probably just asked her to come back here in hopes of getting some pussy!" I could tell grandpa was horny so I quickly ducked into a booth with a gloryhole. He immediately followed into the adjacent booth. At first he put on a show teasing me with his fat cock and huge nuts. Fuck they were so hairy. He looked like an old football coach with his junk out. I complimented him profusely begging for some. He finally brought those hairy nuts for me to lick. I was in ecstacy. Then he gave me his fat pud and came in about 30 glorious seconds. He must have eaten pineapple because Pawpaw's load was bigger and sweeter than any of the younger bucks that I had sucked that day, Mother's Day of all days. Lol. The ABS was hopping! Who knew?! I'm posting the 30 second video on I gain nothing monetarily from the site. I post only for fun. The URL is if you're interested. I have several videos posted there.
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