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Doublelist came along (ironically), the same night that CL took down the personals (I checked to see when the site was registered/born a few years ago) and it was literally a couple of hours after CL shut down the personals. I have no doubt that CL is behind Doublelist. With that being said...

Anyone else here (including myself), have constant issues with Doublelist? They are constantly flagging ads/denying ads during the "review process", when you're not even breaking any of their TOS rules. It seems they go out of their way, to make everyone's time on their site as frustrating as they possibly can (even when following all rules) yet they claim they want everyone to have a "good time" on their site lol...

I feel like I'm walking on egg shells when I post an ad on the site, because I'm terrified it's going to get "flagged" during the review process. You also have to watch out what you say (what words you say), for example you can't use the word "hole" in your headline lol. WTF is wrong with these people? The site is definitely the best alternative to CL (so far anyways), however it's not much help when they seem to cause their users so many unnecessary problems for absolutely no reason.
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