Fucked the tightest ass last night thru a GH

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Fucked the tightest ass last night thru a GH

Post by cuerdas1 »

Thought I would share this cause this guy was on it last night!

I got an email last night from a guy that said he saw a post from me looking for a glory hole in Phoenix, of course I answered it.

The standard request, send pics, so I did.... sent him a few of me pissing through a GH on a guy in California when I was 19. Um he sent the address quick.

I pulled up to the address, little shabby, dark and not lying, a bit scary. But my cock was hard and I always follow its intuition. Walked up the walk on the side of the house to a door in back. One little note, knock. I knocked and the door was slightly ajar so it pushed open when I tapped it. Freeky. My adrenaline was now pumping and i felt my cock trying to push through my half open fly. I walked in and nothing, just a long hall to the left heading to the front of the house. I slowly started walking up the hall. I started to hear moaning sounds. As i came around the corner, this dude was fucking this guys face through the hole! Fucking hot, just an average looking Latin guy skinny and 20ish. He was just about to shoot his load when the guy in the hole turned around and pressed his well formed ass against the hole. This Latin guy kinda looked at me and shrugged and fucking shoved his cock deep, and I mean deep! I heard the man grunt with pain. Just a few pumps and this guy shot his load deep inside of this guy. HOT!... I WAS ALL BONED UP NOW AND ready... the Latin guy pulled his shorts up turned to walk out with his half erect cock pressing against his shorts. He said tight ass!!...

I was ready... the guy behind the hole said, sup guy... I squared up with the hole and pulled my zipped the rest of the way down. My cock popped out and stood at attention. I slid my cock in his mouth and he started on it right away... I loved the suction his mouth provided as he took my hard rod! Then he stopped for a moment... I stood there as his voice, quietly, asked, "Piss on my hole sir"

I rubbed my cock with my finger just under the head... I could feel the piss start to trickle out, then full on stream of hot piss directly on his puckering asshole. I squeezed the base of my cock and pushed it up against his hole working some of my hot piss in, then pulled back to totally soak his ass. I felt his hole with my finger.. pressing into it as my piss and the last guys cum trickled out.

Now my cock was harder than ever.. I got some lube from the table next to the hole and coated my cock. I slide my cock deep into his ass just like the last guy! The same grunts as I slammed up against his firm ass. I pumped his ass about 10 min. He was fucking riding my pole too.. I felt my balls starting to tighten up.. he was calling out, Fuck me fuck me, I gave him my load deep in his asshole, FUCK it felt good,.. jizz after jizz releasing into his ass. I fucked him a bit more then slid out.

I watched as my cum came out his ass. That almost got me hard again thinking about fucking the hot ass.

Cleaned my cock with towel on the table and pulled up my pants and left. Nice hole!!
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Fucked the tightest ass last night thru a GH

Post by cumguzzler »

Piss in my ass. My mouth anywhere. Mexican cub rodeliodominguez@gmail.com
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