Gloryhole etiquette

Have a question, a suggestion or a general post about glory holes, put it here. Whatever does not fit on any other category!
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Gloryhole etiquette

Post by Yeeters »

Hello. I am just getting started and I have not been able to find much in this regard. Are there generally accepted behaviors, manners, and/or signals I should know to make things easier and more pleasant?
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Gloryhole etiquette

Post by Urggo »

I would like info too
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Gloryhole etiquette

Post by joemac69 »

I too would like info too. I would like to suck.
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Gloryhole etiquette

Post by MNPervert »

A lot of the gloryholes I have been to if the guy sticks his fingers through the hole and waves them its ok to stick your dick in and vice versa if you want a cock put your fingers in. Restrooms a foot tap or hand under stall is a clue too.
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Gloryhole etiquette

Post by Cassidyy »

Indicate you're cumming should be obvious but I've been left to feel the familiar swelling of the head as my only warning a few times.
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Gloryhole etiquette

Post by bjbud4u »

The question posed here is welcome - but far to general. As a long time GH officianado - I'd be happy to answer any specific questions re; the GH experience.
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