GHloryHole " so many words "

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GHloryHole " so many words "

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*This is Part 1 of 2 detailing two back to back experiencs that were unrelated but both EPIC in scale. 

*They are connected because Part 1 is unintentionally responsible for part two.  


Part 1: "So Many Words"

    About 2 years ago I finally acted on my biggest sexual fantasy. I built a private GloryHole inside my home.

    It is not cardboard or a sheet with a whole in it, my GloryHole is the real deal. It's constructed from a freestanding wooden cabinet. It's solid, sturdy, & fully functional.

    Upon completion, I put an add up on double list searching for straight guys who only wanna get sucked off. No drama. No small talk. No names. Nothing wanted in return.

    I was surprised by the number of replies I received. Many of them were flakes who didn't follow through or guys who just chickened out. But, after about a month I had found multiple tasty cocks who were continuing to send me emails requesting more of my cockworship. 

    I hear from at least one of these "regulars" each and every week.

      Yesterday evening I was alerted to an email at my GloryHole email account. It was one of my regulars offering to give me his 6day load later that night. Of course I acepted his offer and asked him what time I should be ready. He replied back almost immediately and said "it'll be after midnight. I hope that's not too late. I really need to cum."

      From what I remembered about this particular regular, he seemed to always come by in the early evening and usually seemed rushed or in a hurry to cum & go. I can't rember his ever saying a word before, during, or after. His emails are always short and str8 to the point. "Can u suck it at 5:30 today"? 4day load here" or something similar are usually the message I get from him. Nothing more and nothing less. 

    After midnight was not a problem for me so I told him that wasn't too late and I had the day off from work tomorrow so I could suck his plump 7inches for as long as he wanted tonight. 

     Again, his reply was instant. He said "yeah? Don't gotta hurry this time ". 

     This was really exciting to me. I had already assumed he had a wife or girlfriend at home. I could always make him cum in under 5mins. It was obvious his partner wasn't showing him the appreciation his plump and juicy cock deserved. Reading his made my mouth start to water. 

     I told him to message me when the was about 10mins away and I'd unlock the door for him, like usual.

  At 11:59, I heard the notification of his email. He said he was only 10mins away. I told him I was ready for him. 

    I have never had a problem with him not showing up so I already had the GloryHole set up and ready for him. 

     When I am not expecting a cock to slide through it, the GloryHole is disguised by a framed poster that covers the hole and hides its true purpose. You'd have to really be snooping around to ever know the hole is back there. 

    From behind the hole, I heard him close the door and walking toward me. I felt my dick rapidly getting hard from just the anticipation of wrapping my mouth around his juicy cock. 

      Since I knew I'd have a little more time with him than usual, when he slide his crotch through the hole, the 1thing my wet tongue touched was his hairy ballsack. I began licking all over his balls and gently sucking and tickling them with my tongue. He liked this a whole lot as his big dick got very big and very hard very fast. 

   I had to resist the urge to just swallow his dick immediately so I could continue sucking his nuts and slobbering all over his crotch. I could hear him breathing harder and harder and letting out an occasional whimper of pleasure. I kept bathing his crotch with my tongue for a few minutes as his moaning increased. 

      His cock was SO HARD it cast a giant shadow on my face as I licked and kissed the bottom of his nuts. I couldnt control myself anymore and I wrapped my hard around the base of his dick as I continued licking all over his balls. 

     Through his heavy breathing, he burst out an "OH MY GOD, YES!.... FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!"

     I was just about to shove his hard dick in my mouth and down my throat when his said that. 

    I'd ever heard him say a word in the year or so he had been visiting. I could measure his pleasure by his moaning, his whimpering, and his legs shaking but never from verbal acknowledgement. I knew then and there that he had never truly had his nuts worked and appreciated like they disserved to be. 

     I wanted to feel him sliding down my throat but I found the discipline hold back and keeping pleasuring him like I was.

     As I sucked his nutsack and crotch, my hand holding his throbbing dick began to slightly jack him up and down. I felt it get ever harder than it already was and he let out an almost growl. It was like a combination of moaning, gasping for breath, and trying to speak words that came out as growl of pleasure. 

     My hand that was jacking his throbbing cock suddenly felt some moisture. I looked up to see a long trail of his precum from my hand up to the head of his dick. I wanted to taste it is so bad. But I knew I wanted to keeping giving my the pleasure that he was so obviously enjoying. 

    I kept licking, jacking, sucking, & gently tickling him more and more and he grew loader and loader with his moaning. I suddenly could taste his precum as it had ran down his shaft, past my hand jacking his cock and down to his balls where my mouth was ready to lick it up. 

     The taste was amazing. I had wanted it so badly and then it found its way into my mouth. 

     As I jacked his dick and sucked the underside of his balls, I began to feel his legs shaking. I knew what meant, he was about to burst that 6day load.  

     I knew I had to time it just right, but I wanted to continue what I was doing until he shot his load... but...  move my mouth away fast enough to catch his load when he did. 

   I sucked on his balls as his leg shook more and more and jacked his dick as I could feel his load forcing its way out. I pulled my mouth and tongue off him just as I knew he was about to start erupting his massive load. 

      My mouth was open when I neared the head of his jizz spraying cock. I caught it's first shot in my open mouth and on my bottom lip. I felt his 2nd and 3rd pumps hit the very back of my throat. The next 2shots showered my lips and chin as I stayed as still as I could with my mouth wide open and filled with his warm&wet cum. 

    He began to catch his breath and I heard his say "holy fuck". He slowly pull out of the GloryHole. His cum was running down my lips and sliding down the back of my throat when I realized, my mouth never got to taste his cock. I only got to taste his cum tonight. 

     As he quietly walked away and returned to his car, like usual, I wiped his cum from my chin and started jacking myself off with his load for lubrication. I thought about what just happened and I almost immediately shot an enormous load all over the GloryHole wall in front of me. WOW!

    I laid back in the floor, taking it all in, and cathing my breath. 

   Then my phone lit up with a notification of an email. I reached and opened the message. It said "since the 1st time u always been the best head. Nobody ever done that before. Thank u. Sorry if I was load.". 

      WOW! That is a lot of words from someone who uses so few. I feel very proud and very honored to be given this praise. WOW!

THIS encounter is unintentionally responsible for the encounter in Part 2. That story begins a few hours later when the handyman comes to repair something my landlord had booked him for...
Part 2 is cumming soon...
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GHloryHole " so many words "

Post by Sumthingnew65 »

Thanks for sharing. I love when my balls are played with.
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GHloryHole " so many words "

Post by DaddyDick »

Love my balls sucked and swallowed while I ma getting deepthraoted. It creates a huge load which my cocksuckers are are grateful for.
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GHloryHole " so many words "

Post by Chilango811 »

Very hot story, I was so hard and I had to stroke myself as I read it.
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GHloryHole " so many words "

Post by Executive95 »

Love having my balls sucked! Hot story!
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GHloryHole " so many words "

Post by Johnson9 »

Love having my low hanger balls squeezed and stretched whiny my thick shaft and bulging head are swallowed !
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