First Gloryhole Experience

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First Gloryhole Experience

Post by hunglow09 »

My fist GH experience was one that got me wanting more. I had been thinking about it before and thought to give it a try. I had seen this add in Craigslist for a while and wrote a response to the add. The add was a sexy ts who was staying at a local hotel and was looking to suck young cock. I was 27 at the time and was looking for some fun. When I got to the hotel I made contact and made my way to the room which had been left slightly open. As I enter I notice a sheet with a hole near the back and an iPad. I close the door and enter and approach the hole. Anxious and excited at the same time I look at the hole and slip my sweats down and put my cock and balls through. As I slide through I feel a warm hand caress me. I scroll through the iPad and I find a porn to play. My cock and balls are being stroked and licked as I slowly get hard. A tongue works the head of my cock and licks around my hardening shaft. My balls are being sucked and my taint is being liked and I’m almost at full erection of 9 inches as my cock gets a coat of spit. Slowly it gets gulped down by the willing throat behind the curtain. My rock hard cock being sucked with such passion. I had this porno going and my cock rock hard......
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First Gloryhole Experience

Post by palcum »

Wow 9 inch’s nice one good story
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First Gloryhole Experience

Post by Doug »

need a glory hole in sussex county nj
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