OC Females Only GH

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OC Females Only GH

Post by femaleonlyGH »

Are there actually any women out there who are looking for a gloryhole in which to suck-cock anonymously? or is this entirely just a bi-gay thing. Not judging just trying to understand the community.
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OC Females Only GH

Post by Rammer00 »

I'm honestly curious about that too
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OC Females Only GH

Post by RickLuvsDick »

It is a Male creation, which usually meant on the downlow by another man. for getting off any way possible. Basically as a way to have an anonymous 'gay' encounter where it was illegal, and the partition keeping both parties anonymous so they couldn't be identified if arrested. A small percentage of women have embraced it, but I operate a site, glory hole world map, and only about 2% are female. From that, it seems to be more of a fetish for the females, or occasional couple.
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