My first booth experience (Houston)

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My first booth experience (Houston)

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When I was single and 18yo would get really horny I would fantasize about nothing but sucking off strangers, one day I got the courage up and stopped at a ABS and went right to the dark back rooms. I was so nervous it made my spine hurt haha, anyhow the first booth that the door wasn’t completely closed I slipped in. Only to find a Hispanic man stoking the biggest cock I had ever seen! Which wasn’t many so maybe a good thick 10” but he just looked at me and I said can I suck your cock? He said yes in broken English and I put it straight in my mouth with quickness. He quickly started forcing me deeper into his cock and I am not going to lie I was choking but he didn’t really care, then he reached down my pants and felt my average to small cock 6” and quickly reached past it and started trying to stick his fingers in my ass. He got my pants down just a bit then spit into his hand and shoved his middle finger in deep as he was moaning and with his other has choking me down on his cock. Then he held me down almost to the point I was panicking and moaned out as he shot his cum way way down my throat. Then he let me up and as it calmed down he said is this first time (Spanglish) I said yes and he said he wanted to fuck me. All I could think was his cock would break me in half. I then suck the after cum off the tip of his cock and rushed out in a hurry. Still makes me horny thinking about it even though I don’t like being choked but I do love a throat cream pie
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