My first steady regular

Share your glory hole adventures.
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My first steady regular

Post by throater469 »

I had been running the glory hole for some weeks with little success. Then a guy replied to my pickup ad and was only 10 minutes from me. When his cock came through I throated the entire 7” length over and over until I heard him moaning loud and I was rewarded with a huge load! When we were done all he said was “holy fuck” and he was gone. Five days later he hooked up with me again and fed me another huge load! He’s been coming back every four or five days since, and even now when the gh is popular with many regulars I still can’t wait till I see his perfect cock come through. He’s due tomorrow, yay!
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My first steady regular

Post by BlueCharger88 »

That's awesome!
GH is awesome and guys really do enjoy them because its discreet and private.
Guys need someone to take that edge off.
I'm glad to help as well.
Nice story dude
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