Albuquerque Discreet Gloryhole in private home

If you have a private glory hole location, post it here.
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Albuquerque Discreet Gloryhole in private home

Post by BJMastee1001 »

I have a very discreet gloryhole in Albuquerque. I’m interested in nice regular guys who are getting their needs met and need someone who loves taking their time finding what makes them drip and edging a long slow load from them. I’d love to find what flavor you are.

My gloryhole is a curtained off area just inside the entryway to my homes private side entrance. You come in strip down to what you want sit in a comfortable leather chair, roll forward with your lower half under the curtain then I take it from there.
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Re: Albuquerque Discreet Gloryhole in private home

Post by Dofamas »

Hello, where’s this located and are you a female?
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