2 cocks 1 shed

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2 cocks 1 shed

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Mining industrial town, blue collar, rednecky..
Gloryhole in a backyard shed door, guys stand outside in the open.
its summer about 8-9 pm
two 20 year old guys, 7 inch cocks full of cum


It was late and I was searching for cock to drain with my normal ads... when I got a message from a young blue collar guy who explained that he and his buddy were really horny and needed to bust their nuts. Now I was very excited about the prospect of 2 young blue collar cocks, so I explained that my gloryhole setup was outside, and that they would be standing sort of exposed. I explained that they should probably wear jeans so they could just unzip and get sucked. The guy messaged back "no worries, thats what we wear everyday" he asked for the address almost immediately.. I instantly was rock hard pitching a tent in my jeans, the idea of 2 thick hard 7 inch cocks down my throat, yum..

I darted outside to the shed, and got on my knees in inside the gloryhole.. I'd put a nice little mat/pillow pad down to get comfortable. I waited probably 10 minutes but it felt like an eternity... when I heard the sound of a diesel truck coming up the driveway and the sound of gravel compressing. I could feel the precum oozing out of my cock in anticipation. I heard the gravel sound stop, followed by the cutting of the trucks engine. I heard the sound of the doors opening, followed by the compressing of gravel under their boots. I heard the doors close and the foot steps on the gravel coming closer to the shed. My mouth was watering.. my cock was about to bust through the fabric of my pants.. I was jittery with anticipation of what was about to happen. Thats when I saw the first guy, all I could see was waist down, but it looked like he was wearing work boots, light blue jeans, and a black tshirt tucked into the buckle of his belt. Then I saw the second guy, same work boots, dark blue jeans, red tshirt tucked into his belt.

I was so excited, which of these studs would I suck first. Then I heard voices
"you gunna go first bro? or should I?" "Go on dude, don't be a bitch"

I then saw the guy in the light jeans start moving towards the gloryhole.
"ok bro, i'll tell you how good it is"

Then I saw him reach under the buckle of his belt, grab the tab of his zipper and pull it all the way down. He reached into his fly and pulled his cock out of his fly and boxers. It was a tanned thick semi hard uncut cock.. He pushed it into the gloryhole, and I immediately wrapped my warm wet lips around the tip, I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and slid my mouth up and down his shaft. I could feel his cock growing rock hard in my mouth. I licked around his head and shaft.. in and out feeling the head of his cock hit the back of my mouth and opening of my throat, after a few minutes of this. I began to here heavy breathing.. so I decided it was time.. I pushed my head all the way down his cock, resting my forehead on his belt buckle. feeling every inch of his thick man meat sliding down my throat making me gasp of air and drool. He let out a grunt of pure pleasure, I kept sucking, swirling, and sliding his cock deepthroat in and out. I could feel his cock start to pulsate.. he then grunted and his pulsating thick cock busted a big thick creamy load in my mouth, and it overflowed down my lips, dripping.. I swallowed every drop. The guy pulled his cock out of the hole and put his cock back in his fly and zipped up, but i could still see his stiff cock straining against the fabric. He stepped back and turned to his friend.

"Bro you gotta try this.. trust me"

Then I saw the guy in the dark blue jeans walk up to the hole. Just like his buddy, he reached under his buckle, pulled his zipper all the way down, and pulled out his big thick cock. It was a little bigger, more pale/white, and was rock hard. He pushed it into the gloryhole. I began swirling my tongue around his head and sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. he moaned and grunted as my lips and mouth wrapped tightly as I sucked on his member. I could feel his cock twitch and pulse under the constant attention my lips were giving it. Like his friend, I slide his cock all the way down my throat. My throat began to tighten around his cock as I slowly started to gag and suffocate. Thats when I felt it, the rapid pulsing, the tell tale sign of a cock ready to burst. His cock still down my throat..and without verbal warning he busted his warm creamy nut down my throat, and filled my mouth with his load. I licked his cock clean and he pulled away and zipped up.

"Thanks" was all they said because I heard the foot steps on the gravel. and the truck engine driving away.

Still on my own knees.. I unzipped my own fly.. and jacked myself off.. busting my nut to the fresh images in my head.
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