Tricked at the Gloryhole

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Tricked at the Gloryhole

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So I had been operating a GH for about a year. I really went all out with construction, I wanted the guys to feel like it was the real deal. So I had another buddy of mine help me construct it, using plywood. After erecting the wood I painted it, and tried to make it look like a bathroom stall. I then graffitied it on both sides. For the patrons, I wrote things like, "For a good time, stick it in" and "slut mouth here." On my side, I wanted to inspire myself, so I wrote, "Oral sex is not a task, it's an art." I used a compact disk at cock height to draw a circle, and it was just a perfect size for a cock and balls to come through. 

I quickly got a steady group of regulars. Personally, I was partial to uncut dicks, but I loved all dicks to be honest. Seeing a big boner stick through the hole, and knowing I got to pleasure it for the next five to ten minutes, was heaven. I eagerly awaited the moment I would start to hear moaning and then a volley of cum shoot to the back of my mouth and start to fill it.

One day, about six months into having the hole, I got an interesting request. It was a man who wrote to my ad. He asked if I was accepting new patrons, and I told him I would be happy to have him stop by. He said, OK, good. And he had something to ask me. He asked me if part of fantasy with glory holes is that that they were anonymous. I told him that was definitely it. Never seeing the guy I was sucking, and only pleasuring his penis, was the hottest thing in the world.

He said that he agreed, but that he would like to take the anonymity up another notch. I was intrigued. He said that often GH operators could look through the hole to see who is on the other side, at least get glimpses. And then, when they stick their dick through the hole, the operator can see the dick and balls. This guy had a request. He wanted it to be truly anonymous. The only contact would be his penis directly with my mouth.

Essentially, he wanted to know if I could press my open mouth against the hole and close my eyes. He said that he was so excited by the idea that, if I was willing, he knew he would be able to cum twice. Being excited by the idea myself, I said I could try it. It was even hotter than I thought, but it also contained a surprise I wasn't expecting.

As soon as I heard my latch click, I pressed my mouth to the hole. I heard footsteps approaching the hole and I realized briefly how vulnerable the position was. Like I had my mouth open for a total stranger. But sure enough, I heard a zipper. And then after the briefest pause, I felt and tasted the familiar taste of cockhead. For the first several minutes he would place it in my mouth and then withdraw it. He felt large and uncut, and every couple of entries I would get a slight musty taste of what was under the foreskin. I really liked not being the one in control for once. After a few minutes, he pulled out. And then when he stuck it back in, he seemed much more forceful and a huge mushroom head started to pound my throat. It was odd, because the head on his dick suddenly felt larger. But I figured he must be getting really close which is why he was more swollen.

And then sure enough, I felt the first volley of cum hot the back of my throat. And then it just started filling up. After he pulled out, I started to swallow. I thought for sure that he wouldn't actually want to come again and keep using my mouth. But right as rain, I felt his cockhead pressing against my lips. I opened again and the dick felt like it did at the beginning. After a few minutes, he used his fingers to signal that I should keep my mouth open. I heard him rubbing himself furiously. And then cum started to hit my face and mostly hit the target of my mouth. It tasted great but it was also a little strange, the cum tasted slightly different. After that, I focused on keeping my mouth open and pressed against the hole until I heard the latch click.

Later that day, I got a text from that patron. "That was really hot man! Hey, did you find out what the special surprise I brought?" "No," I said. Honestly, I did not know what he was talking about. He wrote: "That was two penises you had in your mouth today. LOL. I guess that's the good thing about being super anonymous, you don't even know how many dicks you suck." 

If you are interested in emailing about GH experiences, my email is
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