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First glory hole experience was a double treat, with extra

Posted: 12/07/22
by azriel
So ended up going to a park while on vacation and found in the far back stall found a glory hole cutout. I knew it was risky especially in one these unisex public bathrooms but I couldn't resist. So I ended up sitting in one of the two attached holes and hopes someone might come. I figured i'd wait a half hour and if nothing happened I would leave. I then heard two guys enter the bathroom and one enter the stall. He seem suprised to see the glory hole and heard him ask if I was open to getting two loads and giving one. I couldn't help but eagerly agree as i heard the other guy follow him into the stall and the sound of pants hitting the ground. 

The first cock to come through was nice and slightly curved, foreskin covering the tip. I gently wrapped a hand around it as my tongue rubbed on the tip and licked under the foreskin clean. I could hear the guy inhale sharply before I took the full length into my mouth. I couldn't help but run my tongue over every inch savoring the taste of a random cock. It did sound like the two guys were making out the whole time I was worshipping this cock. Then all of a sudden I felt him thrust against my mouth, spewwing it with his cum. It was so warm and salty it was intoxicating.

I heard the other guy say not to swallow, he wanted to feel the mix of my saliva and his friends cum on his cock. I couldn't help but obey as, the first cock slowly pulled away I couldn't resist but give it a kiss as it was then replaced by a nice thick cut cock, The mushroom tip looking a gentle red and i could see all the veins as it twitched with excitement. I wrapped my lips around the tip, playing with it using my tongue. I could tell he liked it as he seemed to buck his hips encouraging me to take more. I started sucking on his thick cock it filling most my mouth, I made sure to swirl the mix in my mouth like he asked and it definetly got enjoyment from him. I loved rubbing my tongue over that cock and before I realized it he had filled my mouth with his load as well. 

The mixture of taste was amazing as i pulled away and swallowed every drop. Feeling almost intoxicated by the feeling going down my throat coating it. I then noticed both them had managed to place their tips against the hole. I couldn't help but lean in and lick both them and kiss them. When they asked if I was willing to get a nice drink to wash my treat down. I gladly agreed as I barely wrapped my lips around both their tips before feeling warmth go down my throat.

After they finished I stood up, albeit shakily and they encouraged me to put my dick through. When I did I felt both pairs of lips on my cock, and almost felt dissapointed from the wall between us. Needless to say two pair of lips working together like that, I didn;t last long before I ended up cumming hard. I could tell it got on their face, they both chuckled and thanked me. Then one wrapped their lips around my cock while the other told me in an almost encouraging voice. He would like a drink as well, and while it took me a second I obliged and feeling him almost suck it out of me was just amazing. After finishing up I heard the two of them begin fooling around, but sadly I figured t was best for me to head out and get the rest of my day settled. Needless to say I can't help but daydream about those two cocks often. 

Re: First glory hole experience was a double treat, with extra

Posted: 02/11/23
by Dominoparadise
Love your stories! Wish you had more

Re: First glory hole experience was a double treat, with extra

Posted: 02/20/23
by azriel
Dominoparadise wrote:
Love your stories! Wish you had more
I have one other story I may share at some point wish I had even more though.