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When I was 21, I was stationed at Ft. Ord in Monterey, CA in the early 80's. When I first got there, I was a PFC making just $650 a month. I was busy saving money for a car, so just $50 for a tug at a massage place seemed too much.

I went to an adult bookstore and bought some of those pulp magazines that used to flourish at such places. I was determined I was going to find an ad for an older woman looking for a young, hard cock to service, and pour out my incredible volume of semen in and on her. As I was one of thousands of single guy soldiers on the Monterey Peninsula, I was not alone in this. After a couple months, I realized this was not a useful proposition. But in the back of my mind, I kept remembering an ad that always appeared in each of the magazines I looked at.

It was an older guy in his fifties who said he was interested in jacking off younger guys, nothing more than that. I'm not a fag, I told myself, but my cock, balls, and prostate had other ideas. Besides, who would know? So I answered the ad and got a letter back with a polite introduction with a number to call. I did so and set up a time on my next day off. It actually worked out, the Army did not change my schedule and I met a guy at his home on David St. near the Presidio of Monterey.

He asked if I wanted a drink and I had a double whiskey and water, downing it quick. While doing so, he told me he had a certain way of doing things and he was not going to change. Did I understand? With that, we went out into his garage. He had a heavy type of folding chair in the middle of the garage. Just off to the side, there was a carpet remnant, with a piece of brown butcher/wrapping paper rolled out 6-7 feet and the end farthest away from me taped to the floor.

He told me to take off all of my clothes except my socks. I folded them and he had me put them under the chair. He sat down and directed me to stand on the carpet, slightly spread my legs and then face in the same direction of him as he was oriented. As I did so, I felt his hand brush my inner thighs on the way to grasping my testicles. He would tease and then massage my balls. He had a way of protruding his fingertips inside my scrotum, feeling the cord and irregularities of each testicle and grasping the base of my cock, tugging on me.

He did this for 15 or 20 minutes and I was starting to get lost in it, knowing without his touching my cock that I was going to cum and it would be massive. Because I was trance-like, I did not notice him grabbing my cock with a hand lubed in olive oil, but I opened my eyes and saw the bottle just to his right. So now he had my balls from behind with his left hand, and was turned a bit left, stroking my cock with his right hand. He starts encouraging me to cum, that he will make me cum as many times as I want. He starts catching the frenulum and ridge on the bottom of the head with his fingers, and I know I'll be shooting in 30 seconds. He's very aware when my balls move up and slows the pace just as I unleash. The first 3-4 spurts of my ejaculate were thin and very wet, landing on the floor beyond the paper. And then the thicker, clumpier semen shot out as ropes, lots of protein on the paper. He continued as I gave up 20 pulses of sperm. He continued pulling on me, getting out every last drop.

He held just my cock now in his right hand and he knew as soon as I did I was getting hard again. He had incredible hands and had me begging and ready to cum again in a few minutes, but took a half hour in what must have been his well rehearsed routine, not letting me cum for 30 minutes. In all, he made me cum four times in three hours or so my first visit. Every chance I got, I was calling him from a pay phone asking to cum over. I was naked in his garage at least 2-3 nights a week for the next couple months, enjoying great prostate health. It was like this, until the night his wife opened the door and stuck her neck out. Except for the first visit, I was entering the attached garage from a side entrance. I only saw one car in the driveway and there was none in the garage. I had not heard a noise or a peep from the house, so I was totally shocked.

"Honey, can I meet your friend?", she asked. She did not wait for an answer and came over to my side. "You know, he likes the way you shoot so much, he has stopped seeing the others", she says with her hands on her hips. She was a little older than him. She was 5"8" and probably 140 lbs., 20 of it in her tits. She was white, had light brown ringlet hair with a touch of gray, and had green eyes. She was dressed like Mrs. Cleaver, house dress, red lipstick, heels, and apron. "Darling, can I watch you orgasm this time?" I nodded, did not say a thing.

Now I had been in the field living like an animal in South Monterey County for 11-12 days. The first thing I had done when I got out of the shower was get into my new Sentra and get to their place. I was a couple minutes from cumming when she let me know she was there, and now that I had a woman watching, I needed just a coupe dozen strokes to put Peter North to shame. She actually started to move her hand to her mouth as I blasted. Without saying a thing, she clacked on her heels back into the house.

As he starts on my second shot, he tells me she has been out of town dealing with her mom on a hospice and then estate problems in Orange County after her passing. He had told her on the phone he had found his best subject after having visitors like me for 15 years. For the next month or so, wifey would sometimes come out at some point and stay to watch me cum, whether my first, second, third, fourth time. She would watch with her arms folded, see me cum, and leave. I was always aware of her in the house because of the sound of her heels.

At some point after a month or so, she did something new. After she came out and took her place standing to the side and a bit in front of me, she unbuttoned her house dress and let me catch a look at her huge breasts with silver dollar, projecting nipples. Fucking Gawd! She fondled and pinched them, putting on a show swaying side to side. And after I came, back in the house. The next new thing was cheering me on, reaching under her dress and masturbating. When this started, she would get closer and closer, at less than arms length.

Eventually there was a time where she had me face her and she would be with me on the carpet. She would grabbed my lubed cock and rub it a bit between her tits, but mostly rub my cock head on her hard nipples, telling me to cum. I gave her a nice pearl necklace and facial.She got up, walked out, and hubby resumed for the next shot. When I was getting dressed to leave that day, he told me they were going to Asia for a few months. I had just gotten orders for Germany in 90 days, so I knew this would be the last time I got to visit them. For his part, he said he really enjoyed our time together and that this was the first time wifey ever participated in his garage scenario. "Son, it would be sad for you to masturbate and waste all that cum. You should set your sights on visiting a gloryhole and let someone else have it."

"A gloryhole? What is that?", I asked.

A big smile came to his face.

A few here are patrons today of the Nuart Theater on Fremont in Monterey. Part 2 will be of my discovering gloryholes there and also in Salinas, CA.
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Horny Soldier

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Very hot. Thank you for sharing
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